Family Therapy – Comox BC

A family can no longer be simply defined as the traditional nuclear family. Today, we recognize single parent families, blended families, LGBT parented families or families with mixed ethnic or religious backgrounds. Many of our problems stem directly from family relationships, and the solutions to these problems can be found within our family. Family therapy has proven to be of great benefit to people at times of transition and major life stress.

Benefits of family therapy

  • Increase respect
  • Face and overcome family challenges
  • Communicate effectively
  • Decrease conflict
  • Heal from the effects of addiction and violence
  • Eliminate destructive anger
  • Balance work and family life
  • Create a sense of purpose in each others’ lives

Working together with you and your family, I will help you channel existing resources and implement creative solutions to managing tough problems such as anger, mental illness, chemical dependency, illness, bereavement, abuse, family conflict, divorce and family restructuring during divorce and remarriage.

When to seek help

  • Family members are not getting along
  • Addiction or violence is present
  • Your time together is missing pleasure and comfort
  • You are not feeling appreciated or understood
  • Your want to run away
  • Your family is going though divorce or separation

Parent – teen conflict

Today, more than ever, cell phones, iPods and the Internet make it easier for teens to “tune out”. During this time, adolescents are often at risk of becoming involved with high risk activities including:

  • Violence and bullying
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Criminal activity
  • Sexual promiscuity / prostitution
  • Self harm and suicide

I can help you

  • Assess your family’s current strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Develop compassion for your role as a parent
  • Identify triggers for negative communication patterns
  • Improve communication and listening skills
  • Approach problem solving as a team

Jennifer Mansell – 250.339.4141